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photo booth party in brooklyn

Looking for an Affordable Photo Booth in Brooklyn, New York..?

Revellers Entertainment is here to bring you affordable prices without compromising service. We treat your event as if it was our own. We provide our photo booth, an attendant, standard props, standard backdrop & your choice of on the spot prints, online photo booth galleries, & email options.

Here at Revellers Entertainment we are able to provide custom overlays for your photo booth pictures. This means that when your picture prints out you can have your company logo, family name, a short message to guests, name of the occasion, slogan, or anything similar. 

We also provide standard backdrops & you can choose from what we have in stock or you can provide your own backdrop for the affordable photo booth.


Being based in Brooklyn, New York means we have easy access to Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, Long Island, & New Jersey. It's also how we can provide some of the most affordable photo booth pricing in Brooklyn and the surrounding territories.

What kind of events do you provide photo booths for....???

We provide photo booths for all kinds of events, from wedding photo booths, birthday party photo booths, corporate event photo booths, prom photo booths, graduation photo booths, special holiday photo booths, community event photo booths, camp photo booths, & more. A standard photo booth is a great fit for most events (click here to learn more).

How long does it take to get your prints from the photo booth....???

That's easy, faster than it takes to drive a city block in Brooklyn during rush hour. Pretty much you get your prints on the spot. Now a few things about prints. We don't print out pictures for every guest who strikes a pose at the photo booth. Why?....We have done that before and we noticed that not all guests want physical prints. A lot of people rather just have an emailed copy that they can post on their social media or just share digitally. When you hand people prints who don't really want them, they usually end up as coasters, or get left on a table. So what we do is ask any of your guests if they want to email the photo booth picture to themselves and or print it out.  

What kind of photo booths do you offer?

Good question. We have standard open air photo booths, enclosed photo booths, & the ever popular 360 photo booth. The open air photo booth is the most affordable and most popular option. The 360 photo booth is the newest rage and is in high demand (click here to find out more about the 360 photo booth). The 360 photo booth doesn't actually take pictures, it takes a short video that captures the 360 degree view of 1-2 people as they entertain themselves with their antics. 

Is the photo booth easy to use?

It's very easy. Each photo booth comes with an attendant that makes sure everything is running smoothly. We offer QR codes for a touchless experience if requested. Guests just have to fill out their information on their mobile device, a QR code will be generated. When they come to the booth they scan their QR code and once their photos are taken, they automatically get sent to the contact info that was provided earlier.

How much does a photo booth cost?

Very good question. To answer that you really have to call us. Our photo booth prices are too low to post. Being based in Brooklyn means that we can tailor our prices so that they don't break the bank for clients in the surrounding areas. Click here to contact us today for a quote on your photo booth.

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