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Types of Photo Booths

Enclosed Photo Booth

Our enclosed photo booth is an inflatable style booth. It's illuminated with uplighting & can be outfitted with stanchions & a red carpet  at the entrance to make guests feel like they are on the red carpet. Some of our clients like the enclosed booth and their guests tend to get a little more "risque" while inside the booth. Things to keep in mind: Your venue needs to have adequate space to set up an enclosed booth. A 12-foot by 12-foot designated space is adequate for the enclosed photo booth. If you add the walkway with stanchions & red carpet the designated space required is about 12-feet by 20-feet. 

enclosed photo booth - wedding

Open Air Photo Booth

Our open air photo booth just means that there is no enclosure that guests actually walk into. It can be used indoors or outdoors and is 1 of our most popular booths. These booths can utilize the existing natural backdrop of a venue (ex. art wall, interesting architectural design, boxwood hedge, etc.), a sequins backdrop (very popular), a custom banner or step & repeat (ex. persons picture on banner with congratulatory words, company name or logo, event name, etc. The good news is we can produce your banner or step & repeat in house, all we need are high resolution images from our client.), faux boxwood hedge, or a custom background decor (this is the clients responsibility). Open air photo booths require less space than enclosed photo booths and are an all around good fit for all event types.

wedding photo booth

360 Photo Booth

Revellers Entertainment's newest edition is the 360 photo booth. This has been generating all of the buzz lately and can hold 1-2 people at the same time. Guests get on top of our platform while the camera provides a rotating 360 degree short video of your guests as they dance, pose, etc. Vids can be produced with slow motion & reverse. We can add confetti, streamers, as well as special effects. These vids get sent to your guest and they can share them with family & friends or post them to social media. It really is a cool concept and is definitely becoming 1 of our most requested photo booths.

360 photo booth wedding
360 photo booth
Revellers 360 Photo Booth

Revellers 360 Photo Booth

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Rustic Photo Booth

rustic photo booth

The rustic photo booth is just a photo booth camera that has a rustic appeal to it. Depending on the type of event that you're having, this may appeal to you. The setup is the same as the open air photo booth. Usually the client will decorate an area with a rustic style (maybe wine barrels, wooden crates, or other wooden decor) and that will be used as the backdrop for the photo booth.

rustic photo booth

Photo Booth Rental

Always a fun option to have at your event. A photo booth allows your guests to "loosen up" & really have fun at your event. You can even spice it up by adding props to your photo booth package. Guests can receive unlimited prints & all photos are ready on the spot. You can even let your guests share their photos to 1 specific Instagram account or have them emailed. Feel free to give us a call since we do have a few different options & configurations when it comes to photo booths. 

What's Included....

  • Photo booth camera & stand

  • Online gallery

  • Guests can email their prints

  • Unlimited prints option

  • On the spot prints

  • Photo booth attendant

  • Backdrop

  • Props

couple in photo booth
photo booth props
couple in photo booth
wedding photo booth
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