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School Proms

Let Revellers Entertainment handle your schools prom. Whether it's a middle school or high school prom we can handle it. By the time the end of the school year has rolled around, the senior class is looking forward to prom & the faculty are looking forward to summer vacation. We work with the faculty to alleviate the stress that goes into prom production and ensure the students have a great time at their prom. We are an experienced & professional company. Read below to see why you should book Revellers Entertainment for your school's prom.

Why Us FAQ?

Revellers Entertainment is a fully insured & registered company. What does this mean for you?..... Some venues & all school grounds require that the vendor performing services on the property be insured.

We use radio edited music whenever possible. Why don't we use radio edited music all the time?......Well while we would love to use radio edited music all the time, the nature of modern music & the music that the youth listen to today means that even when songs say they are radio edited, a word or 2 may still slip by. Anyone who says that 100% of the music that they play is radio edited, they are probably not telling you the truth. We do try our best though to make sure 100% of the music is radio friendly.

We have the latest music that the kids love & we tailor the music appropriately for each school prom

Revellers Entertainment uses the latest professional equipment and can handle proms for small schools & large school alike.

We are a registered DOE (Department of Education) vendor.

We provide DJ Services, Uplighting, Tv's, Led Video Walls, Soundsystems, Microphones, Photo Booths (Regular Photo Booths & 360 Photo Booths), Special FX, Monograms, Moving Lights & more......Why is this good for you?....This allows you to reduce the amount of vendors you have to work with which means less paper work, less time wasted. 

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