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  • Rick Ottley

Why are Wedding DJ prices going up?

Welcome everyone. I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start. I thought I’d tackle the elephant in the room early this year & try to break down the reason for Wedding DJ price increases in 2023.

The emails & calls will be rolling in soon:

“....hey I checked with you last year & your prices were lower, what’s up with that?”

Inflation strikes……

It’s no surprise that costs are up for all of our daily goods & when it comes to Wedding DJ’s the same is true in our industry. We have gotten notice from most of the companies that we utilize to help us be great DJ’s that our bills will be increasing in 2023.

Although the snapshot below shows the cost of everyday goods that have risen, in reality this can be said about almost everything.

What bills does a Wedding DJ have, don’t they just show up with all of this great “free” music & “free” equipment?

Actually, NO we don’t. A good Wedding DJ or any good DJ for that matter usually has high quality, reliable equipment (which usually means it’s expensive) & we actually pay for our music 🙂

Just a brief glimpse into some of the bills we incur for being great DJ’s:

Music subscription services (allows your DJ to get all those amazing songs that you love)

Liability insurance


Transportation Costs/Gas


Online Payment processor

Advertising (You didn’t find us by accident 🙂)

So this is just a short list of the expenses that will be rising for us as this year moves on & unfortunately as a result we have no choice but to raise our prices in an effort to compensate.


As a rule of thumb we always recommend that clients book their wedding DJ or any other vendors that they are using (signed contract & retainer fee paid) in the year prior to their wedding, party, special event, corporate event, etc.. This way you are not subject to any price increases the following year.

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